Alec's Plan for Wetherby & Easingwold

A local approach to national politics

Since the pandemic and Putin’s war on Ukraine, the global economy has had a rough ride. We have now turned a corner with inflation down from 11.1% to 2.3% and wages and pensions are rising. The plan is working.

Here in Wetherby & Easingwold, Alec Shelbrooke has a positive plan for our market towns and rural villages.

More good and outstanding schools

We now have more outstanding schools and academies than ever before thanks to our school reforms. As an MP, Alec secured funding for four new school buildings and works closely with school leaders to support the expansion of good and outstanding schools.

A local dementia strategy

Over the last decade, Alec has worked with key partners to increase awareness, funding and support for families living with Dementia. As a local MP, he launched England's first constituency-based dementia strategy and now has a plan to enhance cross-county commissioning of NHS services, making it easier for patients and carers to access the help they need.

Getting more police out fighting crime

We have 20,000 more police on the streets fighting crime nationally but Alec regularly makes the case for a greater police presence in our rural towns and villages to deter opportunistic criminals.

Backing local firms to create more jobs and raise wages

The global economy has had a rough ride, but UK inflation is now down from 11.1% to 2.3% and we've turned a corner. Unemployment is down and wages are starting to rise. Alec now wants to see taxes falling for businesses and workers.

Improving women's health services

Alec has led national campaigns to increase the awareness and diagnosis of women's health issues such as endometriosis. His recent campaign saw a review of the school curriculum to include educating young girls on how to access health support.

Working to increase flood protection

Alec has fostered working relationships with flood groups and the Environment Agency to improve flood prevention schemes. Similarly, he voted for the landmark Environment Act 2021, which has led to commitments by Yorkshire Water to invest £800m in network improvements to reduce the use of storm overflows into local rivers.

Security at home: an international outlook

Alec serves as Leader of the UK Delegation to the NATO Assembly, a cross-party body. As a former Defence Minister, he successfully lobbied to increase defence spending so the UK is prepared for the challenges of uncertain times.